Sunday, 20 November 2011

The return of the goldfinches...

We put out our bird feeders last week and within a few days the Blue and Great Tits had found the peanuts and the fat balls. We also put out the Niger seeds in the hope that the Goldfinches would return but having not seen a single goldfinch for some time now we were not hopeful. Most of the Goldfinches which breed in northern Europe migrate to winter around the Mediterranean. In Britain, the Goldfinch is a partial migrant, with some birds, mainly males, staying there in winter but others migrate in September and October to winter in Belgium, France and Spain. Females usually migrate more readily and for greater distances than males. We are not sure whether we have a resident population or a changing population. We will have to try and take more notice throughout next year.

But they are now either back or have found the feeder!! This morning when I opened the shutters there were two sitting in the cherry tree where the Niger feeder is located.

Watching them with the feeder they soon found out how to access the seeds and both have been enjoying the Niger seeds for most of the day. Make the most of it goldfinches whilst there are only the two of you. Last year they became very very aggressive knocking each other off the feeder all the time. See here

We look forward to their antics again this year.. Watch this space.


Diane said...

Oh you are so lucky. I have not seen a gold finch since early in the year. I am though happy to see our resident robin has appeared again having not seen one all summer. Diane

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Hi Diane, I've spent much of today trying to paint a robin. Perhaps you could get yours to come and pose for me? Ours won't keep still long enough!!