Friday, 25 November 2011

Just another church clock....

When we went on our travels last Sunday the last place we visited was Ceaux-en-Loudun. It turned out to be a normal village with the usual church and mairie. It was disappointing that the church was locked and we could not have a look around.

Whilst we where in the square the clock in the church struck four o'clock, quite loud it was too.

The clock is manufactured by Lussault à Tiffauges (Vendée) one of France's old clock makers that are still working today. Their one page web site can be viewed here.  The cathedral clock in Le Mans is a later model made by Gourdin and Pellerin a company which Lussault took over in 1929 and is thought to date from the late 1930's. Pictures of the mechanics can be seen here

A video about the company is below. (In French)

Lussault de Tiffauges par Montaigu-Vendee

When you read various internet articles this make of clock is common throughout France.. We will now be looking to spot others.... Perhaps!!


Loire Valley experiences said...

How do you find the time!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Well we are retired!!! but sometimes it doesn't feel like it!!

zaxan said...

Did this clock company make comprise clocks? I recently acquired one with the `a Tiffauges on the face.