Sunday, 27 November 2011

Gluten free Blueberry and Lemon Muffins - without the blueberries!

The recipe uses dried blueberries but as we didn't have any, I used cranberries instead and it seems to have worked out fine!

Here's the (original) recipe:

Gluten free Blueberry and Lemon Muffins


200gms gluten free all purpose white mix (e.g. Juvela or Glutafin)
Teaspoonful of gluten free baking powder
100g sugar
100 g soft margarine
50 g dried blueberries - *yes, I've shown cranberries not blueberries!
4 eggs
4 tablespoons lemon curd
1 tablespoon of blueberry or blackcurrant jam

Pre-heat oven to 190C; 180C fan oven; Gas 5

Place all the ingredients, except the blueberries and jam, in a large bowl and beat until light and fluffy.

Blitz the jam and blueberries in a food processor to form a coarse paste and add this to the flour mixture. Mix well and divide the mixture between muffin cases. (Makes 12 large or 30 mini muffins.)

Bake in pre-heated oven for about 15-20 minutes (10-15 minutes for the mini muffins) until golden and firm to the touch. (thanks to Jean for my cake tester!)

*The number of muffins shown (below) may differ from that shown above....

Serving suggestion:
Delicious served whilst still warm, with a little crème fraîche or ice-cream. They also freeze particularly well (I'm told!)

We were lucky enough to serve them with a few raspberries picked fresh from the garden just this last week!

And finally, my special thanks to Juvela  for this recipe. 


Loire Valley experiences said...

Love the retro blender - Pauline would that - and its red!

Jean said...

They look delicious. And I'm really jealous of your fresh raspberries.

You said you had had some baking disasters so I'm glad you got your baking mojo back !!

Abbé Henri Proust said...

I love that cryptic symbol of Brit living in France: two single (why never a double in France?) 'Neptune' Legrand power sockets and a 'rosbif' converter irritatingly upside-down (why) in one outlet!
-on the mixer picture-

Lesley said...

Abbe H.P. The converter always has the terre pin in the wrong way up and so our old UK plugs are inserted upside down with the flex going up! My amusement is that the power points are not behind a hob. Our experience of gites has been that they are often sited there so you have to reach over hot pans to plug in a kettle or mixer. C & E have just done their kitchen and that mixer is on a flat surface probably with the plug out!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Henri, being an ex electrical engineer I have changed all the plug tops I can BUT items such as chargers with transformers/electronics built in still need a converter.. Most annoying that they are upsidedown!!

Pollygarter said...

We have a charger tower... a ten UK socket "hi-fi" tidying tower... that has had its plug changed to a 16amp French one. Works perfectly. We use one Rosbif for the breadmaker... upside down works perfectly... the socket was mounted too near the work surface to plug a sealed-plug UK appliance in! Tim is in the grange at the moment, searching boxes for a 4-socket UK extension to mount up in our cellier for use with other UK appliances... given the number of boxes we haven't unpacked yet, he may be some time...
In the new conversion, we do have double sockets... but we asked for them. Where we didn't ask we got singles!