Friday, 28 January 2011

Our garden birds

Yesterday we noticed another new visitor to the garden - a Goldfinch, who loved the niger seeds.

This prompted us to get out the camera and in the course of the day we spotted all of the following:

One of the many Bluetits who eat us out of house and home.... looking through the kitchen window for more!

 Then came another newcomer, the Brambling

Surprisingly this one was ringed but unfortunately we couldn't get close enough to read it.

It's colourful plumage is really attractive.

And now some group photos:


The Brambling was perfectly at home with all the other birds

Bluetit, Female Chaffinch and Brambling

And here's another one flying in!
This pair of Collared Doves settled on the rose arch, which seems very fitting...

 The Jay is very timid despite it's size

Now a daily visitor, the Nuthatch has a voracious appetite...

The chaffinches are happy to venture close to the house

Whilst the thrush chose to stay at a distance

At one point we had four thrushes feeding all together but we only managed to catch two of them on camera

One of our rarer birds to visit the garden is this female Goldcrest

This lovely little bird stayed in the dappled shade of the tree but we could still see her striking gold crest from which she gets her name. The crest of the male is orange in colour.

 Seen next to the bluetit her tiny proportions are revealed

These were some of today's visitors. We also had the Siskin, Robin, Blackbird, Green Woodpecker, Wren, Tree Sparrow, Dunnock, Starling and Kestrel.

Quite a collection!! And all from the kitchen window.

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