Wednesday, 19 January 2011

If you've got an axe, use it...

Our presence in Braye has been of interest to some of the locals, not least because of our tree 'pruning' technique. See  First we needed to see the LIGHT

Today we went one step further and removed two weeping willows which were crowding each other out in a row of five.
Five willows all in a row
The first one was quickly removed.

Then there were four (soon to be down to three)

For those of you who are members of the weeping willow preservation society, please note: we have three other giants in addition to this row of five and as you'll see at the end, the trees didn't die in vain!

First take your axe... or was it the rope???

Walk purposefully towards your subject. The time you spend on this stage depends on the presence or otherwise of spectators.  (Despite opinions to the contrary, tree-felling is NOT a spectator sport.)

Next lasso your tree. This is vital to the success of the operation.

Apply chainsaw liberally, cutting a V in the direction you want the tree to fall and (of course) taking care to comply with full safety regulations (!)

Try to anticipate where the tree will fall (approximately) and stand well clear. (At this stage it is wise to look 'cool' and nonchalant.)

Abandon all technical equipment and search for your rope...
The Axe-man of Braye in action
Ah yes! NOW use your axe - again making sure you use appropriate safety gear.

And now there are three willows in a row but as promised earlier, these trees did not die in vain. By nightfall they were  re-incarnated!.................

.......................So, please, no weeping for the willows!

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Susan said...

Fantastic! I'm really impressed by the nifty plant pot holders.