Monday, 31 January 2011

Job done!

The hall, stairs and mezzanine are now well and truly painted.

We weren't that far out with our estimate of  paint quantities: we used a total of twenty two litres to complete walls and ceiling, but we under estimated the amount of masking tape required, using approximately two hundred metres of the stuff!

Things we learned in the course of the work:
  • French masking tape is better than the English equivalent and worth the bit extra that it costs. 
  • A broom handle makes a perfectly adequate extension to your average paint roller handle.
  • The telephone/mobile/door bell are guaranteed to ring when you're up to the elbows in paint.
  • The only time you spill paint is when you don't have a damp cloth handy.
  • One-Coat paint isn't.
  • The roll of masking tape will always run out 15cm from the end of the skirting board.
  • The time the kettle takes to boil is in inverse proportion to the time the paint on your brush takes to dry out
  • It is not true that a couple cannot decorate without arguing; the secret is a large house, even larger garden and an empty grenier.
Well, what's next on the decorating merry-go-round???

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