Friday, 14 January 2011

More of Monsieur Bourreau......

When Monsieur Bourreau came to deliver the wood for our fire we took the opportunity to ask if he could recommend someone who would plough some of our land for us to create a potager. As we suspected, he was quick to nominate himself, and so it was agreed that he would come "soon" to do said ploughing.

Days and weeks passed with no sign of ploughing in sight. We felt it might be outside the boundaries of French courtesy to go knocking on his door to remind him and so we waited...... and waited.....................

Over a month passed. Then one afternoon, as we indulged in what had become our default pastime - raking leaves - Monsieur arrived.

Our intention was to have a potager large enough to sustain us and any visitors we might have through the year. What we ended up with was a plot big enough to feed the five thousand and then some.

M Bourreau is at his most enthusiastic when in charge of a tractor and plough.

However, we shall attempt to do the potager justice and to that effect we have purchased and been given a range of seeds from the common to the more exotic to test our skills. 

Watch this space!

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norma said...

Colin le fermier!