Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A most welcome sight!

As those of you who are close friends and family will be only too aware (as we've never stopped going on about it) we had the dubious honour of taking up residence in France at the start of the fuel strikes.

This would not have been such a problem had we had our furniture with us in France and enough food in store to last us for the duration. BUT... our furniture was still in England waiting for us to return as planned, after signing the compris de vente, to finish packing and help load the removal van.

We all know what they say about the best laid plans......

With only two camping chairs, and an air bed, little food and no fuel at all things were already getting rather worrying. When we woke in the night to discover the air bed had a leak and we were sleeping (or, rather, not sleeping) on the hard floor then things became very worrying.

You can imagine our relief when this vision greeted us early one morning.

We will be forever indebted to those who helped pack up on our behalf (you know who you are!) and to Bob and Brian, who not only delivered the furniture but brought the breakfast too!

And, bless 'em, they even brought us 25 litres of diesel! With furniture, food and fuel life in France was complete!

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