Thursday, 10 May 2012


On our recent walk around Usseau, the signed path takes you through the works of one of the regions 'Carrière de Tuffeau'.

Tuffeau can be described as a marine sedimentary rock and was formed when the area was a vast sea over 90 million years ago. It is the cultural identity of the region through its many Chateau's, Abbeys, towns and villages.

The company 'Maquignon Frères' appears to supply the complete package. It quarries the stone, cuts it into blocks and then delivers it.

If you need a lump of Tuffeau they look like the people to contact!

The site was of particular interest to me as Shaun, my next door neighbour in England, has a similar company that does the same with sandstone... You could feel at home here Shaun!

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