Sunday, 6 May 2012

Richelieu Galopade 2012

Today was the Richelieu Galopade, a race run over 21.1km (demi-marathon) or 10km depending on ability, plus a "Course de jeunes" for the youngsters.

We were able to see the runners going past, across the field at the back of the house..

And then nip into Richelieu itself to cheer some of the runners across the finish line.. Some were still fit to put on a sprint to the finish..

Others didn't look quite so happy...

For the rest of us there was a Vide Grenier held in The Grand Rue, which looked resplendent with all the flags flying..

In contrast to any normal day of the week it was packed with people browsing the stalls for bargains and believe it or not, we excelled ourselves by making a purchase!

For the youngsters there were fair ground rides and stalls, some more tasteful than others..

But, as always, it was a fun day with good attendance and a variety of things to suit every age. And at some points during the day the sun actually shone on the proceedings!!

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retep said...

Should train a bit harder first Colin (loose weight too? - yes yes, I know, I can talk)