Monday, 28 May 2012

Orchid Flowering

We have been carefully mowing round the orchids in our lawn for the past couple of months and eagerly awaiting their flowering.

At last we have a result! The bee orchids coming into flower...

As with so many things in the garden this year, they are later than last year, but no less beautiful for the wait.

The lizard orchids, too, are just starting to bloom. They make an impressive show across the front of the garden wall.

So all that contorted mowing has paid off - even if we do get some strange looks from the locals!!

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Susan said...

The orchids are back to a more normal flowering time this year, and are magnificent. The Bees particularly showy with many flowers per spike this year. Well done with the careful mowing. You need to continue it until the end of August to make sure the seeds mature.