Monday, 14 May 2012

Love is in the Air...

Everywhere we looked today they were "at it"!

First it was the ladybirds...

Then it was that handsome jewel-coloured bee, Xylocopa Violacea (well, who wouldn't fall for a name like that?!)

Whoops, just missed!..

And just when we thought they'd all settled down for the night, there's the racket of mating toads in the duck pond to break our peace and quiet!!

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Tim said...

Last picture:
"Heathcliffe, Heathcliffe.... damn, Mysteria!!"

And I notice that the mating Ladybirds were those bleedin' Harlequins! We seem to have loads here, more than in the UK... that said, I did see around six Seven Spot together, out in our meadow the other day.