Thursday, 31 May 2012

Multistorey dwelling

We are not sure of the creature that produced this multistorey dwelling, it could be the dreaded Asian Hornet or perhaps the European hornet.  The linked articles provide good commentary on both.

But you have to admire the scale of the structure created from 'paper mache' made from chewed tree and plant material...

Interestingly the article says the nests in trees are often hidden by foliage, a fact I am well aware of!! When cutting a large beech hedge I used to have as a property boundary I sliced through a wasp nest with the hedge trimmers... The wasps were not to pleased and I received a couple of nasty stings... C'est la Vie...

That foam wasp nest destroyer is certainly good stuff!

The nest was on display at our local chateaux Chateaux Rivau but there was no description evident as to what it was.

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