Sunday, 1 May 2011

Richelieu Galopade (21K / 10K Race)

Looking over the back of our house this morning brought back memories for me.

As a 40 something year old I used to run 10K road races myself and seeing all the runners passing on the back road made me think what a hard slog I used to find the last 3K. Especially the Oldham 10K race where the last 3K is a 1 in 5 hill. In the wrong direction for running.

We had seen the small boards by the roadside advertising the run but did not realise the scale of race until the runners passing the house went on and on and on. So after lunch we went down to Richelieu to take a look.

The order of events
The start
The Finish
The list of results show the large numbers involved and in 2010 a record 620 runners took part in all the races. For full details on the race see here

The Results
Looking at the results at my best I would only have managed 120 to 130 ish. BUT looking at the categories I would now be Veteran 3 so maybe you get a head start!!

Will have to start training again soon..... I think not!

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