Thursday, 5 May 2011

Richelieu comes to life!

Jean and Nick paid us a visit the other day and in the course of the conversation we talked about Brocantes and Vide Greniers, the French equivalent of our craft fairs and car boot sales. The point was made that we don't see them in the village or for that matter in Richelieu.

Then on May day Colin and I went into Richelieu and lo and behold there was a brocante and vide grenier in full flow! The town had come to life with stalls in every conceivable place.


............The imaginatively decorated comité des fêtes caught our eye... (!)

Yes; well..
The cafes were doing a good trade

and there were fairground rides and attractions for the children

The smallest bumper cars we've ever seen!

That will teach us to criticise the lack of such events in our local town! I only wish the day had been more widely advertised as we only came upon it by chance. Next year we'll be prepared!


Jean said...

These events are such fun - it's a shame to miss them if they're on the doorstep.
We usually find a leaflet in our local tourist office which tells us where the vide greniers and brocantes will be.
We had a lovely afternoon chez vous and hope to see you again soon !!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Apologies to Lulu!
the opening sentence to the blog should have read: "when Jean, Nick and Lulu paid us a visit...."