Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Drought - another view.

This morning our friend Susan posted a blog about how severe the lack of rain has become. Details Here.

This is our first year in France so we had noted the limited amount of rain (being from North West England you could not fail to notice) but were not aware of the extent of the actual drought. We took some photographs on Sunday of the fields and pathways on our walk around Le Louroux, showing just how dry things are.


Despite this the rape seed crops give the appearance of doing well. The crop below was just about 6 feet (1.85 mtrs) tall.

From our point of view, both our wells are still producing good supplies of water so we have been able to keep our potager and new areas of grass fully watered. How long this will continue we do not know. The weather forecast for Richelieu is showing rain for Tuesday 24th of May as the only rain in the next two weeks. However it has shown days of rain in the past and we have not seen a drop!!!

We really could do with some now. Send some down from Lancashire I am sure they have some to spare!


Sarah said...

Would love to send you some but not even had much here ! Some drizzle over the last few days but not enough for the garden!

norma said...

Yes we have had plenty here over the past week or so. Would be only too glad to send some clouds your way.