Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Today was the day!

Our resident pupa is no more in pupal state. It is now a moth but until he/she turns round in its nest box we won't know for sure what sort of moth.

(for "we won't know for sure", read "until I can sent Susan a better photo.....")

At the time of writing this is all we have...

The empty casing
Underside through mesh of box

Best shots inside box

Taken a few minutes before writing
We hope to name it soon!

In fact. thank you Susan, we can now confirm it is a female Fox moth Macrothylacia rubi (Lasiocampidae). And here is a link to Susan's blog about the Fox moth.


Le Pré de la Forge said...

As Susan and I were discussing...this very afternoon....
it has got to be one of the Chubbiest female Fox moths either of us have seen.
Your garden must have provided a very good diet last year!!

If she doesn't leave of her own accord, place here near the nearest Bramble patch.... you do not want her mating and laying eggs in the box!!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Tim Interestingly she was found underneath our Bramble bush...