Saturday, 28 May 2016


That's what I've been making over the past couple of weeks.

I needed to get a supply of  various "green" embroidery silks so Colin and I took a trip to Mondial Tissus. Then I needed to find a more organised way of storing them.

So first I made a hanging storage bag out of a large polythene bag:

That done, I drew my own design on to some linen and set to work. My first cushion cover had wild flowers as its theme:

Then it was on to grasses:

Next?? Well I'm not sure. Foxgloves maybe!

Anybody want a cushion??

ps. Susan and Jean, can either of you spot some fabric you once kindly gave me?


GaynorB said...

The cushion covers are beautiful, Elizabeth. You are soooooo talented!

Susan said...

These are fabulous. Some of the grasses you have got perfectly!

Do I spy that aqua, purple and gold silk chiffon and satin stripe being used for umbellifer leaves? I think that was the most expensive fabric I ever bought and I still love it. Sadly I have nothing now made up in it, but one day... Also the white cushion might be some of my linen sheet.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Spot on with the beautiful silk fabric, Susan! Sadly, not the white fabric. I'm amazed you picked out the silk in it's present form! Such observational skills!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thankyou Gaynor. They are fun to do because you can just let your imagination create the design as you work. X

Jean said...

Actually, I would love a foxglove cushion, if you have the time.........
Is that cream fabric some that I gave you years ago? I'm glad it's been put to such good use, and in such a beautiful way!