Monday, 26 January 2015

Caty's Eighteenth Birthday Party

We were invited to my Great-Niece's 18th Birthday party yesterday and despite a bit of an "ify" start to the week, I was determined to be fit enough to go.

Caty had put the celebration on hold until her exams were out of the way, so yesterday she was able to let her hair down and enjoy the party...

The guests spanned several generations, from Caty's Great Grandma at 93, to these two little chaps who didn't quite know what to make of each other.....

After a first class meal, Caty's mum, Jane, brought in the cake. The design is based on Caty's choice of present..

If you need any help with the cake, Caty, I think Daniel and Holly will be willing to help you out!

And back at their house later, the biggest treat of all came when Caty played several piano pieces for us.. (apologies for the lack of lighting on the video; I was that keen not to miss a note that I forgot to alter the camera setting!)

I could have listened all night..

Caty you've grown into a gifted and beautiful young woman! And Holly there, sitting next to you, is certainly following in your footsteps!


GaynorB said...

A lovely mix of ages to celebrate the special occasion.

Susan said...

Sounds like how family gatherings should always be (but often aren't...) I love the cake -- really stylish and beautiful.

zerry ht said...

Wow! This is awesome. Even I want a party like this. My mom has booked one of the Chicago venues for my birthday celebration but I feel like decorating the place myself. I wish it was possible at this moment. Anyways, it is a lovely post and everything looks perfect here.