Saturday, 29 November 2014

Jenny Wren

We have had wrens in the garden since we came in 2010 and they are incredibly agile and very difficult to casually photograph.

However, this one appeared to want its photograph taking, posing in our little Christmas tree.

It is such a cute little thing and a delight to watch flitting around the garden.

I was going to give you some information as to the name Jenny Wren BUT there is a great deal about it on the web... It goes back years and years, if you are interested Google it!


GaynorB said...


Tim said...

Lovely pictures! There's a curious English tradition of hunting the wren, with a song, or rather a chant, to go along with it called the Cutty Wren. Seriously odd! Pauline

Susan said...

Wrens are delightful little creatures. We had one nest in our old brewhouse in London (which when we lived in the house was our garden shed).