Monday, 28 July 2014

A Day of Many Parts

Lots happened yesterday:

It was Braye's Fete du Bois de Temple, beginning with a brocante in the morning and ending with fireworks and a ball in the evening..

We had friends, Paul and Mary, round for coffee in the morning, before going to look at the stalls, most set out (fortunately) under the shade of the trees. The usual stuff... the sentimental painting; the broken guitar; the rusty tools etc...

I was tempted to buy Colin this mower for the garden

But I think a couple of pairs of these shoes would have been more practical, used as a lawn aerator!

Then it was off to Susan and Simon's celebration of their Graineterie's 800th birthday where we met up with old friends and new.

What do you give a Graineterie for its 800th? We came up with this:

An hour's drive home through the countryside with raining impending and a stop to put up the roof of the 2CV, and we were back just as the first of the fireworks went off from the field across from the house...

A real mixed bag of a day; but most enjoyable!


GaynorB said...

The cake was a brilliant idea. What did you do with the off cuts, I wonder?

Nice pics of the fireworks.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Wonder no more, Gaynor.....
we ate them! Well I wouldn't want to serve a dish I wasn't 100% sure was ok, would I ?!

Susan said...

The cake was lovely -- thank you very much!