Saturday, 26 July 2014


Yesterday on our way back from Limoges Airport where a storm was brewing, Elizabeth photographed these strange cloud formations.

We had had blue skies all the way down but as we approached the airport the skies darkened and we heard distant thunder. My son Stephen was not impressed!!

As we returned home after some lunch these impressive clouds started to follow us... We outran them though and were soon back into the blue.

Stephen did get back to Liverpool OK only to get stuck in traffic on the Friday afternoon car park that is the M6. His Facebook posting was unprintable!!!


Tim said...

Stunning pics!
You should join the Cloud Appreciation Society! This formation was their cloud of the month for May 2014. It's called Mamma or Mammatus, Latin for "udders" and is an indication that a severe thunderstorm is on the way.
I claim no knowledge; thanks due entirely to Mr Pinney and the CAS.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

That's fascinating. We realised these were cloud formations we hadn't seen before and there was definitely a thunderstorm following on, though as we said in the post, we managed to outrun it.