Saturday, 22 June 2013

Untidy Pad or What - An Apology!

On 17th June we wrote a post about the messy nest built by Black Redstarts over our front door..

Tim, of Aigronne Valley Wildlife, kindly put a comment on the post suggesting that the disarray was caused by fledglings leaving the nest.

Well, we were perhaps a little hasty to judge, because over the past few days the nest has had a make-over. It's not quite in the Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen league but it is certainly a good deal neater.

Also the parent birds are visiting the nest box frequently which suggests there are eggs or young to care for.

Tim could well have been right and this could be a second brood getting star treatment from the parents. We have seen young Black Redstarts around the garden frequently over the past few days, including this little one hiding amongst the flower pots..

But whether the make-over is because of a second brood or just part of the process of initial nest building, we must apologise to the Black Redstarts for accusing them of having an untidy pad. We know only too well from first-hand experience what a messy job building and renovating properties can be!

1 comment:

Tim said...

Sounds as though they are actually rebuilding... ready for a second brood!!
Keep watching that space!!
Don't forget, you can get cameras to fit in nestboxes... and a small gizmo to connect them to your computer... for either stillz or live video.

Sorry colin... I probably shouldn't have mentioned that!!