Friday, 28 June 2013


These two little fellows were photographed a couple of days ago very precariously hopping around our 'bird spotting' Christmas tree.

They have caused us some problems in their identification... We watched them for a good while to see if an adult bird came near but no such luck.

Based on the birds we have around at the moment, together with Google image searches, our best guess is they are Black Redstarts.

Whatever they are, we enjoyed their antics trying to master hopping and flying from branch to branch. We have kept watching the tree but have not seen them since.


Tim said...

Not Black Redstarts... they have a RED tail like their parents... right from the start.
It is fun to watch them bobbing up and down, trying to wagg their stumpy little tails.

Also, there is a clear eye-stripe present on these... I would suggest a warbler of some sort... possibly Chiffchaff or Garden Warbler?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks Tim, had a feeling it was not correct will check them two out.

Diane said...

Great photos. Have a good day, Diane