Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Afternoon In Azay le Rideau

We are suckers for a Vide Grenier or Brocante, so when we saw that Azay le Rideau was holding  its sixth "Antiquites et Brocante and the weather was perfect, our Sunday was sorted!

 The event was held down by the river and, with the trees providing shade, the setting was just right for such a warm, sunny day..

We thought of you Gaynor...
but though we love you to bits, there's a price limit beyond which even the strongest friendship is tested!!

In fact, just like the chap in the photo, we needed to sit down when we'd read the price tickets. Some were out of this world,
and on another planet!


GaynorB said...

Thanks for the thought!

I have some very similar ones, although with another 12 I should need a bigger table and then a bigger house. Then where would retirement be???

Therefore you've probably done Tim a big favour... :o)

Jean said...

It looks like summer has arrived at last!
Wish we could have been there!

Tim said...

My favourites are the "fruit and veg" cutlery rests... lovely!!
And I notice, in the first pic, that you got there at lunchtime!!