Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mummy I'm a Star

Last weekend at the Marché Noël the Children of Richelieu performed a Nativity play.

The script had been pre-recorded which left the children free to concentrate on actions, gesture and expression as they mimed along. Their costumes, too, looked brilliant.

La Creche Vivante on the church steps became the stage and the animals appeared unconcerned as the play unfolded around them.

It was magnificent, with a cast to give Noah a run for his money.. cats, dogs, chickens, guinea pigs... all the usual manger livestock! The list extends to fit the size of class, if I remember from my teaching days...

and of course you have to have a Star...

And what a Star! Animated, smiling and holding the star aloft with enthusiasm, she was literally the star of the show. Never once did she let her role slip. That star stayed upright for the duration of the performance with the occasional jump for joy when the spot light was on her...

and all too soon came the curtain call

We would happily have watched it again. Well done, the children of Richelieu!

One thing puzzled us.... Where were the Angels??

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The Broad said...

They were all the angels!;-)