Saturday, 1 December 2012

Marché de Noël Richelieu

This weekend Richelieu is holding its Marché de Noël.

Unfortunately the renovation of Les Halles means that all the stalls this year are outside in the square. But it isn't only work on Les Halles that is unfinished; the square and christmas tree were still being decorated  long after the event had opened!

From the number of awnings, it looked as if the organisers were anticipating rain!

Fortunately it remained dry all day, though not quite as warm as this young man's clothing would suggest!
But then again, as he was pictured in front of the bar, there could have been other forces at work to ward off the bitterly cold temperature!

All the usual stalls were there, as well as the all-important "Creche Vivante" outside the church

and in the starring role.... The Three Wise Donkeys..

However the main attraction of the day was the arrival of Père Noël, seen here with his "Mascottes"..

Some little ones were more sure than others...

The event continues tomorrow and ends, as do all good French festivals, with a feu d'artifice. We will be there!

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