Sunday, 23 December 2012

Lets twist again...

A tree photographed in our local wood.

Just shows the power of a small climbing creeper, Honeysuckle we think.

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Tim said...

When I was in forestry, my Forester used to make walking sticks... and used to deliberately create this effect with either honeysuckle or Old Man's Beard [wild clematis]... both work beautifully!

Find a suitable ash, hornbeam or hazel and wind the growing stem of the climber round the stem of the young tree... wait five to ten years and harvest!

He also made shepherd's crooks by tieing very young branches into a crook shape... using two wooden blanks that he'd carved to bend the branch to the right shape.

We had to look out for these when we were clearing between the rows of 'crop' trees to be sure NOT to cut them down accidentally.