Sunday, 2 December 2012

Marché de Noël Richelieu 2

What a difference a bit of sunshine makes!

Richelieu's Marché de Noël came to life today, with larger crowds, sunshine and a really pleasant atmosphere.

The marquee with the traditional wooden games was particularly popular - and not just because it was heated!

There were more of these...

entertainment from 'Canto', a trio with a Mexican/Spanish flavour..

and of course, the man with the mic.. Here he is welcoming the most famous guest of all..

Poor chap spent most of his time today on less festive matters...
When we arrived we noticed parking restrictions in the Place du Cardinal had been flouted by several vehicles.

The man with the mic had the job of alerting the owners of these vehicles to the fact that if they didn't move their vehicles "immediatement" tonight's firework display could not be set up... Several attempts later he had just one driver to locate.

In the end he announced that the Police Municipal would be on the case. And as we left, they were!

We're back later for the fireworks!!


Jean said...

Wish we could have been there!

Mind you, when I had a stall at Ferrière Larçon Marché de Noël two years ago, I was frozen all day long - it was the coldest I have ever been for the longest time in my whole life!

GaynorB said...

Sounds like a good day out with a fireworks party too. Lucky you!