Friday, 17 February 2012


After over two weeks covered in snow the garden is looking a little ragged round the edges, to say the least!

However all is not as bad as it at first seemed. It is surprising just what has survived not just the snow but also the extremely low temperatures, at times dipping just under -20c.

Yesterday we spotted these intrepid creatures, proving that there's life out there still....

Take a closer look at the pollen on the bees legs!

And there are some survivors among the flower beds as well...

plus one or two spots of colour in the "lawn" (pelouse is a much better description!)

Some of these are more welcome than others!


norma said...

How lovely to see some colour in your garden. We have only snowdrops here so far.

By the way - many congratulations to you both!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thank you very much, Norma!

Diane said...

How come you have a flower that survived which is bee friendly? I see I have one snowdrop, not another flower of any kind, not even a dandelion! Diane