Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Another new visitor to our garden

Earlier this week spotted a lone Cirl Bunting (Emberiza Cirlus) scavenging around under our bird feeders. This charming relative of the Yellowhammer is rare in the UK and has a RED status with the RSPB. In France it is known as Bruant ziza, is more common and from the limited information I have read has a Local Status... We have never seen one before and enjoyed watching it.

Interestingly we had many Bramblings last year scavaging where the Cirl Bunting was spotted. This year we have only every seen one. Was this because of the mild start to the winter and they didn't bother migrating this far south?

Our local birds should be the fattest around. Since January 8th they have eaten between them 5 kg peanuts, 5kgs Niger seeds, 5kg Sunflower seeds, 30 Fat balls, 3kg local bird seed, 2 kg millet and several of Elizabeth's failed Gluten Free breads. Thank goodness the better weather is coming!!!

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Tim said...

Last year we had loads of bramblings too - just one sighting this year. No siskins this year either. I think the mild winter (until retribution struck) kept many migrants further north.