Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Circus in the snow

The circus is coming to town....

It was at Chatellerault from 1st-5th February and is in Chinon, from today (8th) until 12th February.

We spotted the convoy of trailers travelling from Chatellerault to Chinon yesterday afternoon and today we passed the site of the circus - at La zone commerciale du Blanc Carroi, just off the Chinon to Tours road (D751).

What a strange site it was, the brilliant white snow setting off the red of the circus tents.

Back in October Jim and Pauline posted a blog about a different circus troupe, commenting that with apparently low takings (Jim estimated around 300 euros) they could not have making much of a living.

It's hard to imagine many people turning out in this weather for the shows at Chinon tonight and over the next few days, so takings will probably be on the low side again.

Incidentally, some of the posters boasted the appearance "UNIQUE EN FRANCE,  'BRYAN' UN LION BLANC".... We can only hope it doesn't escape against this backdrop..

We'll be on the lookout for unusual footprints if it does....!

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