Friday, 27 January 2012

Restoration ?

We are followers of the Channel Four programme 'Restoration Man'. The programme is hosted by architect George Clarke who follows and offers advice to people restoring, generally, listed buildings throughout the UK.

Last evening's programme followed a family restoring an old brickwork's engine house in Oxfordshire. It had been derelict for 100 years and had no roof.

I wonder what such a programme would make of the 'Maison de Fondoire' which according to the information at the site has been 'returned to the phantoms' since 1959.

The building had a life of just over 100 years from its construction in 1852 to its demise in 1959.  No time at all for such a building!

It would, however, be a brave soul and a very rich one who would undertake such a restoration project. But I bet it could be turned into a fine modern residence.

Some buildings are perhaps best left as ruins and if you want to see this one it is located on one of our favourite walks 'Les Sentes de Fondoire'. There are three walks, from 1350 mtrs to 5000mtrs, to suit all abilities. All three take you past the ruin and make for a very pleasant walk at any time of year.


GaynorB said...

We love the programme and George is growing on me too. I used to think he was the 'poor man's Kevin McCloud'!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

We thought the same, and have come to like him just as you have. I don't know where couples get the nerve to take on the projects they do, though!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just long to know why it was left to fall into that state.


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Yes and what a pity to let it go to ruin!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Colin and Elizabeth:
We wonder why Maison de Fondoire has been allowed to get into such a parlous state. Clearly it has a wonderful situation and would, one should have thought, been a marvellous family house. How very strange that it has simply rotted away.

We have found you via 'Secretly Skint'.