Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Load of Rubbish!

We have an unusual relationship with la déchetterie or décheterie, depending which way the wind's blowing (more on the spelling later).

After several visits over the past fifteen months, we still do not possess the requisite permit to tip our rubbish at the Richelieu déchetterie.

We have filled in the correct forms - twice. We have spoken to the very pleasant monsieur who oversees the site - several times. He shakes his head in bewilderment and promises us that it will arrive chez nous but still nothing happens.

We are not particularly worried because we carry on taking our rubbish and monsieur accepts it with a smile and a handshake.. We, like him, are more puzzled than anything.

However, arriving back from our stay in the UK we duly put out our rubbish on Wednesday evening for its weekly collection on Thursday morning and the pattern repeated itself: nothing happened.

There has never been a problem before with the weekly collection of household and recyclable waste so we left the bags out 'just incase'. By when they were still there the next day we gave up and brought them back inside. An internet search revealed that our collection day has changed to Tuesday. No-one had told us and we wonder if this is inextricably linked to our lack of permit for the décheterie??

Who knows?? But then again, who knows the correct spelling of déchet(t)erie??

Even the Conseil General d'Indre et Loire doesn't appear to know (see link)

So why not put it to the vote? Those in favour...?!


Jean said...

We have a wonderful relationship with our dechetterie in LGP. We turn up with our rubbish, the sorting of it is overseen by a very pleasant man who silently and tactfully removes anything vaguely re-useable to a pile of other re-useables and away we go. We simply have to tell him which commune we are from - there has been no mention of a permit.

Diane said...

We have never been asked for a permit here, we can go to any of the dechetteries in our commune. So far as I know it is only the commercial people here that need permits! We get sent all the dates for collections also any changes that there might be. Diane

Tim said...

When Pauline et moi bought La Forge, we were indeed issued, by the Marie, with a green Smitcom sticker for the car. I carry this in my wallet as we might use the Big Car or we might use one of the two Deuches. It has only ever been asked for once... by the man in charge of the dump that first year... who duly filled in a little notebook with day, date, my name and type of rubbish. The next time we went, the present incumbent was there and we get the same response as Jean and Nick......... c'est la vie!

The WV is "no veds"... but we've run out.

Abbé Henri Proust said...

You should apply at the Mairie de Richelieu. One gets a credit-card like card that must be proffered to the chap (Alain Delaunay) at la déchetterie, where you must put the stuff (le déchets, n m pl) in the right skip or special bin. Often his card reader is on the blink. Every six months you will receive a special tax request for payment of about 80€ to the Trèsor Publique in la place des Religieuses for the privilege. I presume that if you were NEVER to use the déchtterie you would not be a registered user, and so not incur a tax bill every six months.
Motto of your story is : Use the Mairie.
ps they also supply free waste bags in the appropriate colours for each type of déchet.

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Henri, not actually been to the Mairie de Richelieu. We did ours at Braye. We get the Tax bill (and pay it!) We get the bags from Braye, just stocked up for 2012. BUT we can't seem to get the carte!!!! Will take your advice and call in at the Mairie de Richelieu and see if that will work.. Thanks..