Sunday, 22 January 2012

Rambling round the villages 2012 part 2

For 'villages', read  'forest', because today's walk took us back to a favourite area of ours - la forêt de Scévolles, about 20km south west of Braye sous Faye near the village of Guesnes.

I photographed the following specimens, which I'm not going to attempt to name - I don't think it would add anything even if I could. So just enjoy, please, a look at some of the array of mosses, ferns and lichen we saw today.




Diane said...

Love the third picture down that green fungi is so pretty. Diane

Colin and Elizabeth said...

That one was our favourite too, Diane. The colours are just superb. I'm sure they would provide inspiration in some way for a designer or artist. I'll have to have a go with the old paint brush! (which will surely scupper my theory once and for all!)

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how fast they grow...overnight they appear, fully grown.


Jean said...

Lovely pictures, lichen are so beautiful. Apparently you can tell which way is north by them too.

(I think they grow on the shady damp side of things, which is usually north.)

Tim said...

The lovely fungus in the third and fourth pictures looks to me like Trametes versicolour... also known as Artists' palette due to the wide variety if colours that it both comes in [and sometimes exhibits on the same bracket.] The fourth picture shows a very good "palette".