Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Christmas decorations...

It is quite common in France to see Christmas decorations, especially hanging Father Christmas's, well into the year. Today on our weekly trip up to Chinon we observed several house owners dismantling their decorations. The local mairie also chose today to dismantle the main street decorations in Chinon.

Its a good job that they know what they are doing, that's all I can say . Elizabeth took this photo whilst we were waiting for oncoming traffic. I was a little apprehensive driving underneath but all was well.

Not sure what the chap on the grounds job was, certainly wasn't directing the traffic...  Maybe he would pick up the pieces if it dropped off!!


Tim said...

French "Elf & Safety".... he gets to write the report when the other bloke fouls things up!

Diane said...

I commented to Nigel the other day that the French obviously are not worried about decorations coming down on the 6th night. They also wish you a happy New Year right through January, I have already forgotten after the first week!! Diane

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, can you tell me how far you are from Saumur, where I was born and lived for 19 years now reside in the US.

Do they still have the Medieval Fair in Chinon? I think it is the summer

Annie v.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh those hanging, deflating Santas!

I hate them with a passion...some of them are still hanging around in MAY!


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Hello and welcome to our blog, Annie.

We live just over 50km south east of Saumur and love the town very much. It is always on the list of places to visit when we have people staying with us!

Yes, the Medieval Fair is still held in Chinon. We posted a blog about it last year and you can view it at

Thanks for looking!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Here, Here!!