Saturday, 10 August 2013

Different Country, Same Tunes...

Rewind one month and we were sitting on the banks of the Claise at Barrou for the Festival des Barroudeurs.

Last night we were sitting on the castle mound at Clitheroe (Colin's home town), north west England, for the Castle Rock Festival...

The venue is perfect with a natural ampitheatre housing the bandstand..

The bands ranged from youngsters playing their own material..

to Freebird, a well known local band with a combined age of 240+

As with Barrou a month earlier, the music was excellent but there was one main difference: when the sun went down last night we were freezing!!!

As we left, shivering, the Castle looked imposing over a town bedecked with bunting ready for a weekend of festivities, including a food festival today and last night of the proms event tonight.

Just hope those attending tonight remember to take their thermals!!

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Craig said...

That sounds like good fun. It has turned decidedly autumnal over the pat week.