Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What is on Fire?

Sunsets here in France never cease to amaze us. Elizabeth captured this one at 21:15 on Monday evening and the photographs are a true representation of the colour of the sky at the time.

You would think the wood at the back of our house was totally on fire.


Susan said...

Fabulous photos, but so much for shepherd's delight, given the weather on Tuesday!

GaynorB said...

Fantastic pics.

So there is some sun in the Touraine!

The weather here in Staffordshire has been wonderful for the past coupe of days bur as the bank holiday weekend approaches is due to change.

Craig said...

Remarkable colours!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Susan, that's exactly what we thought - Perhaps the saying should go:
"Red sky at night, the woods are alight!"

Gaynor, yes there is some sun - though not a lot!
Funny how Bank Holidays have that effect on the weather!

Thank you, Craig!

Rhodesia said...

Fantastic. Keep well Diane