Friday, 10 May 2013

What is eating our Radish seedlings!

We planted a small row of radish seeds and they have come up rapidly, as they do.

BUT something has decided they are a tasty snack...

We don't think it is slugs as there is no sign of any trails BUT given the eggs we blogged about a few days ago are likely to be slug eggs then it is possible. The potager was damp and there was evidence of slugs elsewhere but not anywhere near the radish.

Anybody any suggestions?


Tim said...

One thing is certain... it wasn't flea beetles... they leave little indentations around the edge.

It looks to me more like birds... sparrows or other small finch-like birds... or even pigeons or "Collard" doves [radishes being a member of the cabbage family!]

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks Tim had a feeling it could be birds... our doves are always on the pot, if they carry on they could well be in one!!!