Sunday, 12 May 2013

Photos of Angles sur l'Anglin

As we mentioned the other evening, we went with Jim and Pauline to the picturesque village of Angles sur l'Anglin, set in the Vallee de l'Anglin. Despite the, at times, indifferent weather, the charm of the place couldn't fail to captivate.

We'll let this random selection of images, taken as we walked around the village, do the talking..

The Chateau..

Overlooking the Vallee de l'Anglin

One way down to the Ville basse...
The water mill and weir..

The winding streets of the village, with an amazing assortment of properties, some beautifully restored and some left to go to ruin..

Taken from a vantage point looking across to the chateau. They certainly knew where to locate the important buildings in those days!

Looking down from the Ville haute to the Ville basse..
The Mairie...

And, finally, as we got back to where we had parked, I couldn't resist this shot of the church with the wonderful chestnut "candles" in their full glory..

If you've never been, it is well worth a visit... To find out more about Angles, see here

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Craig said...

What a beautiful spot! The tree in full bloom is spectacular - very vivid!