Friday, 5 August 2011

Apple Harvest

This week we have been reaping the fruits of our labours... literally!

The plum tree, which was on its side in a sorry state when we arrived, yealded a surprising two pounds plus of fruit.
Back in October it took the might of the winch to right it:

We picked fourteen pounds of pears from one of the three pear trees and today, thirty three pounds of  apples from one of three apple trees.

The sad thing is that in both cases you can't tell we've even started on the trees.

Anyone know of any good apple and pear recipes??


Susan said...

Apple jelly, pear sorbet. Both suitable for coeliacs, both use quite a lot of fruit and are not really a lot of effort.

Jean said...

Wow, that's a lot of fruit!
Apples and pears go really well with all kinds of other fruit in jam, eg apple and damson, apple, pear and raspberry.
In crumbles, puddings and pies, eg with peach, strawberry, rhubarb, raspberry and blackberry.
I know the pudding options are of limited usefulness for you but apples and pears freeze really well part cooked. I still have some boxes of them in my freezer from when a neighbour gave me some windfalls.
Also apple compote is lovely on cereals - we have it every day - or on its own with yoghurt.
You can also dry slices to nibble on.
If you run out of freezer space I would gladly take some off your hands !!!!

GaynorB said...

You could use some of the ripe pears to make a pear and Roquefort salad. There was a Simon Hopkinson cookery programme on the BBC last night, so here is the recipe link

Lettuce would be equally good, according to your taste. It looked better than it does on screen!!

You could always try fermenting some pears to make eau de vie! Does a 'mobile still' man come to your village?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Thanks to Susan, Jean and Gaynor for all your imaginative ideas. Thanks also Gaynor for the link to Simon Hopkinson's programme! I'll be living in the kitchen for the rest of the month I think!!