Friday, 4 February 2011

Tondeuse Autoportée - Decision made!

For those of you who read our blog on Wednesday, here is the promised outcome of our quest for a Tondeuse Autoportée.

After hours of internet research into power ratings, width of cut, lateral or rear ejection, mulching and collecting and then revisiting the contenders, we've ordered the "tondeuse autoportée ramassage intégré à éjection arrière" shown here:

It has more than adequate power for our needs and it certainly looks the part!

The delivery time is two weeks; then the problems will start. As we both want to ride the thing, there will have to be discussions over who has the first go. Then, of course, we would both like to be chief mower of the pelouse........

It'll be a difficult one. Any thoughts would be welcome!

And for those who read yesterday's blog, A Screw Loose, it's been a kind of Groundhog Day for me.

Having managed to fit so much "stuff" onto the RED Billy bookcase which we'd bought at a reduced price, we decided another one wouldn't go amiss. We were delighted to find that - courtesy of the IKEA family card - this one cost even less!

We now have twin RED Billy bookcases up and filled.
.......And a space waiting in the garage for the arrival of the Tondeuse Autoportée.....


sarah said...

Arrival just in time for you to give rides to the Grandchildren around the garden!

norma said...

Obviously they should be renamed from bookcase to anything-you-might-wish-to-storecase!

Joshua223 said...

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