Thursday, 3 February 2011

A screw loose...

It has been commented that I take a lot of photos whilst Colin does all the work. The words red, rag and bull come to mind (particularly the latter!)

In all fairness Colin pointed out that our second blog shows me working, or at least standing on a wall looking slightly useful.

Anyway this blog is an attempt to redress the balance.
A visit to IKEA yesterday made us the proud owners of something unexpected (as always!) - a Billy bookcase ... in RED!

The pictures speak for themselves...........

This goes here...

Or does it??!
Now we're, no - I'M getting somewhere!
So far, so good
No one will notice anyway...
Up we go!
Nearly finished and now smiling..
Don't ask!
And in the meantime Colin was trying to get a screw out of the toaster! How come when you drop a small screw, not only does it fall into the toaster but it manages to find the only way into the inner skin of said toaster??? (Murphy's Law!)..

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