Saturday, 5 February 2011

Feeding 'les oiseaux sauvages'

When we came back from the UK we brought with us a one kilogram bag of niger seeds which we'd purchased from Wilkinsons for £1.79.

Now that the Goldfinch have arrived in their droves we need to replenish our stocks. The question is where from? None of our usual retail haunts appear to stock them.
This goldfinch is obviously starving.........
 Having done an internet search it appears we'll need to pay considerably more to buy them from a French website or we import them from the UK and pay a minimum of £12.99 postage.

The story with peanuts is even less optimistic. We haven't found a single outlet for them in the local shops and the cost on the internet is again very much higher than the UK.

Can anyone tell us why peanuts (obviously Aflotoxin tested) are seemingly not available in the shops and if they are, could you let us know where from?

I have read that there is a shortage of peanuts this year, which is impacting on wild bird food supplies but this doesn't seem to answer why we haven't seen any at all.

Any suggestions???


norma said...

Peut-etre les Francais ne feed pas les oiseaux?

norma said...

I'm sure the RSPB do them but shipping might cost more than the seed.
Wow - just looked it up. £15 delivery charge to France. Do you love those birds enough to pay that?

Susan said...

People mostly use sunflower seed here, and it is readily available in supermarkets and bricos. French goldfinches seem quite capable of dealing with sunflower seeds, although in the UK you are told that because of their little beaks they need nijer.

sarah said...

I could try and smuggle some over?