Sunday, 28 August 2016

Refreshing recycling...

Our old frying pan is now a bird bath... It has proved vital after a week of temperatures up to 39.7C

Today's antics had us in stitches. Let's just say it was chaos down at the pool!

The photos speak for themselves: and some are more vocal than others. They were all taken in under half an hour.

Looks as if there is some discussion going on here... "What's it like in there?" "Dunno, will you try it first.."

"Us bluetits need to stick together. Do we really want to share the pool?"

Who'll take the plunge first, this robin or the wren?

Ok then; the robin or the great-tit?

Oh all right: the robin or the blue-tit?

The robin!

"I'd rather you didn't take my photo right now, please"

Then the rabble arrived...

"I told you to be more discreet; you shouldn't go advertising your pool parties. Now you just look silly"

But look over there!"

"Thanks, guys, I don't mind if I do!"

"Come on in. The water's lovely"

"What's ruffled your feathers?"

Then along came a blackbird...head first..

splashing a by-stander...

No comment!
oh go on then.... 
"Out of the frying pan..."

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Le Pré de la Forge said...

Lovely set of pix....
I still think the tit on the left in the "Then the rabble arrived..." picture looks like it's using a jacuzzi... wine glass in claw!!