Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Fete du Setout 2016

This was a day to remember for all the right reasons...

On Friday afternoon we went to help erect a marquee (20mx8m approx) for this years Fete du Setout. We wrote about last years, here

It is basically a gathering of neighbours, who live in the centre of the commune, to share a meal or two and enjoy a day of talk, food, drink and lots of laughter.

The following photos give a flavour of the day, which began at noon and was still going strong when we took our leave, exhausted, at 11:45pm.

After much discussion on Friday afternoon, the tables were arranged and we added some decoration..

By this stage the fridge freezer was installed (just out of shot) and the electrics connected, so cool beers all round..

Then the day of the Fete arrived, and with an improvised bin and the food unloaded from Philippe's van we were ready to start..

Josianne had made this sunflower which was soon demolished. It's a really simple idea with savoury pastry but so effective..

Drinks were passed round

the barbecue was lit

and the marquee was filling up

Then came a surprise; we were presented with a gift by all those present and a card which expressed such warm wishes for our future.

Before we ate we had a group photo..

then, after a serious discussion over the grill, we were ready to start

A typical pose for the chef and wine waiter!

time to chat and wait for the next course....

And after all the food, a game which involved throwing metal discs onto a pallet...   Colin would have benefited from some practice beforehand because it all hinged on technique!

By early evening we were back at the table

Whilst the onion soup was cooking there was time for some dancing...

Note the bottle of sloe gin on the table. It was very well received and knocked back as if it were lemonade!

So by 10:30pm we were tucking into bowls of onion soup, sausages and pork chops

All thanks to the man who organised the day,  Philippe... 

One mystery remains...

In the words of Josianne:



Susan said...

I encountered one of those stuffed pastry daisies at a friend's birthday party earlier this year. As you say, they are a simple idea. The maker had done it with her grandchildren. I must make one some day.

Jean said...

Ah, those events do go on for hours!
It looks like great fun, a great way to get together and I'm sure you will be missed by your friends and neighbours in the village.