Monday, 9 November 2015

Roasting in November!

And it's not chestnuts we're talking about!

The temperature over the last 3 days has hit the 24C mark and it has been glorious. Yesterday we went walking with friends, Mary and Paul, to Ceaux-en-Loudun, about 10km north west of Braye.

The autumn colours should be on the wane by now but there were still enough leaves on the trees to make a real "autumn banquet" of colour.

The walk was about 8km but because of the heat that was long enough. So here are some of our photos of the walk..

Everywhere the leaves were thick on the ground

 Cyclamen grew profusely in the path...

This field crop surprised us. We are not sure what it is. The leaves were beetroot like but could be Merlot lettuce or similar???

The walk took us past Chateau Artigny...

This deep dyke by the path side would have had safety fencing round it in the UK!

We spotted several damsel and dragonflies but this was the only one to oblige by keeping still long enough for a photo - or two!

A good example of the mistletoe which is prolific in the area...

This wide avenue of trees gave a bit of shade...

This lane was better still..

And at the end of the walk we came to the etang..

We'd had a fantastic afternoon of sunshine and beautiful scenery. Let's hope this weather lasts!


Susan said...

My guess for your mystery crop would be sugar beet.

Jean said...

It would be nice if it lasts but somehow it doesn't seem right and that makes me feel slightly worried, no idea why.
It was on this day eight years ago that we bought the house in the village and it was perishing cold, barely up to 10°C during the day. What a difference!

GaynorB said...

Doesn't quite seem right, but as we prepare to return to the UK we are enjoying our last few days of sunshine!
Lovely pics.