Monday, 2 November 2015

Return to Braye...November 2015

The journey back to Braye after a stay in England is always a little tiring but the sight of strawberries and raspberries, still fruiting in the garden today, November 2nd, certainly cheered us up.

Guess what's for pudding?!


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Susan said...

I had strawbs in November from the potager a few years ago. Sadly the dry did for all my strawberries this year, including the ones you gave me. I just couldn't keep the water up to them (the potager doesn't have town water so it relies on me with a watering can and rain collected in butts from the roof of the grape pergola). The raspberries on the other hand have done well. They are still small plants, but I got more raspberries this year than ever before, and a few still to come.