Thursday, 30 January 2014

Smoked Chicken??

We experienced a rare event today.... it didn't rain!

So this was the perfect day for the funeral pyre of the leylandii "trimmings" of the past week or two.

Those of you who know the layout of our garden will realise the smoke was heading in the direction of the chicken coop..

But never fear! The girls were tucking into some bug delicacies at the other side of the garden and happily unaware that they could have been smoked chicken!

However, if they keep eating the food Colin puts out for the birds they may not always be that lucky!!


Colin and Elizabeth said...

Can't wait for the barbecue season... Real smoked chicken.... C

Jean said...

Smoked chicken and sweet chilli dip........yum !!

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Jean absolutly YUM YUM. Will that be grey, brown or white?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Colin, you should know better than to yoke about it!

And Jean......stop egging him on!!