Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Counting the birds 2

We blogged about our bird survey last Saturday and actually carried out the 'formal survey' on Sunday morning ( 26th January). We've entered our results on the site 'Oiseaux des Jardins'. The site is jointly run by the LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux) and the National Museum of Natural History.

Here are our pages.

During the survey we recorded a sighting of a Cirl Bunting (Bruant zizi) which is listed as rare and the site asks you to record each time it is seen. As one was in the garden again this morning, we recorded it. This time we were able to get a couple of photographs so these were also uploaded to the site.

We will be keeping up our observations and making regular entries. It is also interesting to be able to search the local area and see what has been recorded when and where.

It is an interesting site and we could spend many a happy hour looking through it... especially when it's raining!


Pollygarter said...

It is an interesting site, isn't it? One begins to notice how many birds there are in the city of Tours, and how few there are in great patches of rural Indre-et-Loire. Actually that's more like the number of observers... There are some good pictures though - as are yours! We have cirl bunting too. Cute little fellows, aren't they?

Colin and Elizabeth said...

Interestingly when we registered it did not take us to the local site, hence we are on the main site and there does not appear to be a link.